Whether you can't make it to classes and are looking for some online training, or want to brush up on your techniques leading up to a grading sign up here to access the KMSA syllabus.

Krav-Maga Instructors

Krav instructors can log in to view, refresh and update their training techniques. It can also help for distance learning when preparing for an upcoming grading or course.

Beginners and Martial artists

The videos will take you from beginner level through the KMSA syllabus.

Or for Martial Artists that want to supplement their training with Krav-Maga.

Remote Training

If you don't have access to regular Krav-Maga classes in your area, this is great for you to access the training material and get some training in.

Krav Maga Students

Krav Students can use the online video program to supplement their current training, learn faster and help prepare for upcoming Gradings.

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KMA Practitioner 4.png
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KMA Graduate 1.png
KMA Gradaute 2.png
KMA Gradaute 3.png
KMA Gradaute 4.png
KMA Gradaute 5.png