Adult Krav Classes

from 14 years +

As a civilian, one's goal is to avoid danger, not to become a violent person.
Krav Maga provides one with solutions to various situations where one is required to exercise a certain amount of strength to protect oneself or those whom one has a moral obligation to protect. 

A basic principle of self defence, first and foremost, is to protect oneself. 
Thus, when confronted by a violent attack, the main objective is to avoid injury.

A defensive stand will not convince the attacker to stop, and so, the response should be aggressive in order to neutralise the threat.

One will learn how to use any object with which to defend oneself, such as bags, keys, sand etc. The knowledge gained through Krav Maga training helps one to remain alert and avoid dangerous situations simply by knowing how to identify them and avoiding them before they become a danger.

Don't be afraid to join Krav Maga courses.
You are not going to kill your opponent, because the lessons are always controlled by highly skilled instructors in order to avoid injury. 
The method is easy to learn, irrespective of age, or one's walk of life.

If one goes through all the normal grading levels you will end up going through all the various techniques and fields of Krav-Maga training.


The advantages of Krav Maga are:

  • Getting fast results

  • Becoming more self confident

  • Identifying one's weaknesses

  • Increasing stamina

  • Improving coordination

  • Practising real life situations under stress

  • Learning how to defend against attacks with all weapons (including firearms)

  • Learning how to defend oneself against more than one attacker

  • Learning how to resolve a potentially violent situation without the use of force

Kids Krav Classes

4 - 13 years old

As parents of younger children ourselves, we are constantly aware of the dangers facing children in our country today. This, along with the growing problem of bullying, have to lead us to develop a program to teach kids the necessary tools needed to defend themselves in the time of need.


The program is based on Krav-Maga concepts and mindset. The curriculum is comprised of the most practical self-defence techniques well suited for the child learner.

Our kids Krav-Maga program offers students a complete self-achievement and self-defence solution IKM South Africa links the most effective self-defence and self-discipline techniques which in turn provides your child with a realistic arsenal of skills to help defend against a confrontation, attempted abduction or assault.


Kids Krav-Maga BUILDS:

Emotional Traits:

  • Confidence In knowing they can handle themselves in the face of aggression.

  • Empowerment Knowing they can achieve a level of status among peers.

  • Discipline In handling confrontations through effective verbal communication firs.

  • Improved Self Image Which reflects in the way they carry themselves, walk, talk, communicate with others and excel in life.


Physical Conditioning:

  • Increased Mental Energy To excel in school.

  • Weight Loss / Muscle Tone Through conditioning drills and resistance from bag work.

  • Increased Strength & Endurance To excel in other sports.

  • Improved Flexibility & Coordination To prevent injuries.

  • Improve Posture and Overall Appearance This directly affects confidence.

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Online video training system

Remote training - Krav-Maga Students - Complete beginners

Krav Maga Students

Krav Students can use the online video program to supplement their current training, learn faster and help prepare for upcoming Gradings.

Remote Training

If you don't have access to regular Krav-Maga classes in your area, this is great for you to access the training material and get some training in.

Beginners and Martial artists

The videos will take you from beginner level through the KMSA syllabus.

Or for Martial Artists that want to supplement their training with Krav-Maga.

Krav-Maga Instructors

Krav instructors can log in to view, refresh and update their training techniques. It can also help for distance learning when preparing for an upcoming grading or course.

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Open seminars

Specialized Krav-Maga Short Courses.

Open seminars 

We can provide you with a specialized Krav Maga training seminar. We can customize any seminar to meet your needs.

They provide excellent hands-on intensive training and an opportunity to view the system’s effectiveness and merit.

Training seminars generally range from half-day(4 hours) to full-day (8 hours) seminars. They can also be customized to your needs if you need shorter self-defence intros or demos for your company. 

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Krav Instructor Courses.

Becoming certified as a Krav-Maga instructor

Become a part of a strong network of instructors under KMSA that takes pride in growing as instructors and school owners. We uphold the highest standards of instructor quality. The demand for Krav Maga in South Africa is growing daily, we are constantly receiving enquiries for Krav Maga clubs throughout South Africa, especially Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town areas. Krav Maga is renown as one of the best self-defence systems in the world, Krav Maga techniques are battle-tested and practical, and as a system, it is well rounded.

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Student Gradings

For Krav students who want to grade, there is a full Krav-Maga Syllabus that you can work towards. Gradings aren't compulsory but are a good motivator to keep training and gives you a goal to work towards.

As we all know, self-defence isn't a once-off training program to do a few times and then forget about. It needs to be consistently trained to become part of you.